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Reference from Luba and Eugene

Dear Roman Teplinsky

I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding. The orchestra performed unbelievably. I cannot believe how many people were walking up to me completely surprised by the sense of luxury you were able to present.

The strings orchestra was my husband’s favorite. “Real music” he called it, not some guy singing to a synthesizer. The violists were also grand. When they battled I saw everybody rise rooting for the violinist nearest them. Wow!!

During the cocktail hour people were all wondering where I found this band. You are a
refreshing change from many of the bands out there. Your skill as a band leader was also great. The whole night went off without a hitch.

I am much happier that we hired your band to perform at our wedding. Having seen the
competition at other weddings we were much happier with you. The other musicians were nothing in comparison with your work.

I would gladly recommend you to all of our friends and relatives.

Thank you again
For an unforgettable night!!!!!!

Luba and Eugene